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Hilary Cass, UK Pediatrician Invents New Concept: “Diagnostic Overshadowing,” Helen Joyce on The Brendan O’Neill Show

This is another important interview with Helen Joyce, author of Trans: When Ideology Meets Reality. She is interviewed in a podcast, no video, by Brendan O’Neill on his eponymous YouTube channel. O’Neill brings up the Samaritan Guidelines for discussion of suicide, how the mainstream media has been captured by the synthetic sex identity ideology, andContinue reading “Hilary Cass, UK Pediatrician Invents New Concept: “Diagnostic Overshadowing,” Helen Joyce on The Brendan O’Neill Show”

Merck’s Finasteride, Another Dangerous Drug “Gender” Practitioners are Giving to Girls, from a PITT Parent

Please share this in whatever ways you can. I knew that my then-husband, Neddy, was on many more drugs besides synthetic estrogen. This one is given to stop balding, which happens to girls who take the T. It also happens to have very, very dangerous psychological side effects. I am banned from commenting on PITT,Continue reading “Merck’s Finasteride, Another Dangerous Drug “Gender” Practitioners are Giving to Girls, from a PITT Parent”

Lawsuit by 1000 Families in UK, For Malpractice at Tavistock “Gender” Clinic, Reported in Daily Mail

I hope this serves as a model for suits here in the US. There’s evidence of cases dismissed here, and probably there are some settled cases, as evidenced by Dr. Stephen B. Levine posting pages for expert evidence online (found through search under exactly those words and his name) and his paper, also listed online,Continue reading “Lawsuit by 1000 Families in UK, For Malpractice at Tavistock “Gender” Clinic, Reported in Daily Mail”

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Here’s the link to my book at iuniverse publisher:

Ha det bra, everyone! A little Norwegian, my mamaloschen, for have it good. Ute Heggen here. Grass widow, gras weduwe (Dutch)–ex wife of a man who is now the chief operating officer of his database management company, and a celebrated, so-called “female executive.” I am also known as a trans widow, a term I choose to replace with the old European colloquial phrase of many meanings, one of which is deserted wife. There’s no man, no husband; but no grave to mourn at, no one giving you the honor deserved in widowhood. Widows whose husbands are indeed dead understand our plight and have no problem with the use of the word. In fact, my partner Claes, is a widower, and he also uses the term grass widow for women like me. The very word trans grates like fingernails on a chalkboard. A website highlighting the stories we tell is, where the latest chapter of my story, my ex-husband’s financial fraud, appears under Our Voices, “Bertina.”

As always, I publish this disclaimer: I am not promoting, advocating, suggesting or implying that anyone wearing sex-ambiguous attire, attributing non-biological pronouns to themselves or expressing other ideations different from their biology shall be physically aggressed upon or hurt or verbally harassed in any way.

Rather, I advocate for women’s rights, for respect and honor towards mothers, for girls to be safeguarded and encouraged, not groomed and humiliated. I myself was accused falsely, ludicrously, but officially in court, of pushing him, attacking him and of “physically ejecting” him from our home when the last deception during the marriage was the straw that broke this camel’s back. In fact, he moved out when I and the children were several states away in June, 1995.

This link, to Dr. Stephen B. Levine’s study, “Informed Consent Reconsidered” is the most important text to study on the subject of cross-sex issues, to date. I expect more to come.

My memoir, In the Curated Woods: True Tales of a Grass Widow, is now available in soft cover (US only) and eBook from, Amazon and Barnes and Noble. Amazon/kindle has an offer for the first chapter free. I tell of my nine months of self-healing, the difficulties in my relationships with my grown sons, after I wrote them the truths, the true tales, of my grass widowhood. They’ve absorbed regulated thinking of another kind, involving Dad not being Dad anymore. The book is also a study of the nature in my almost 3 acres of woods, my environmental studies, the successes in my butterfly gardens. It is my sincere hope that my readers will grow more flowers as a result of my work.

Click on the word Blog, above, scroll down to the bottom for the list of essays, posted chronologically, and read or link to all of the issues I explore regarding cross-sex ideation and the social contagion sweeping our society.

I’ve appeared on mechantechatonne and Ella Androphobia YouTube channels, as well as David Arthur I Alphabet Man. I interviewed for Vaishnavi Sundar’s new project on trans widows, an upcoming documentary, for her Lime Soda Films YouTube channel, where the excellent 4 part series, Dysphoria, can be viewed. Working for women and girls, opening ourselves up to the realities of mother erasure and cult recruitment of teen girls, is emotionally taxing and we must remain resolute, resilient and self-aware.

I advise to take walks, cook healthy food and find physical de-stressing methods. This is not a walk in the park. Once you know the truth, you will find those actions to help girls and women; peaceful, informative efforts, and you will engage in them. I thank Chatonne, Ella, David, Vaishnavi and the many supportive new friends I’ve found through speaking out and telling my story. Our experiences must be documented, discussed and told.

Be well, always, Ute

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