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The Phases of Detransitioning: Some Time Later, They Say, It’s All Wrong, There’s No “True t”

Check back to my January 21st blog, featuring Isabella’s interview with Ellie, a Swedish woman who detransitioned. It’s a recent in-depth video on the YouTube channel, Whose Body Is It. If you haven’t got much time, skip to the end. Ellie says that the studies on those who practiced a cross-sex persona and medicalized, thenContinue reading “The Phases of Detransitioning: Some Time Later, They Say, It’s All Wrong, There’s No “True t””

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Ha det bra, everyone! Ute Heggen here. Soon to be posted, excerpts from

The Curated Woods

True Tales from a Grass Widow

Gardening and memories . . . go together. In my world, the memories of life as the wife of a man who “transitioned”, in the early days. I am one of the grass widows who did not stay, could not stay. Grass widow is an old Jewish term for a deserted wife; agunah in Hebrew. During antiquity, the situation of an abandoned wife was dire, and the community created many ways to prevent husbands from running away. We live in a time when some spouses run away from their sexed body, to express themselves in a way that creates the impression they are the opposite sex.

I have been appearing on Karen Davis’ channel, You’re Kiddin’, Right? to discuss the trials I and other grass widows have been through. We also discuss the trials society is experiencing, due to the waves of cross-sex ideology washing over us. Please go there, watch the interviews, sing along with Karen’s innovative tunes and join the community.

see you soon!

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